Around Christmas in 2008, Jeremy had an idea to gather a few photographer friends and they spent the day at a gym, giving photos away to people in need. He put a simple video on Facebook, showing how the day went and people responded with, "Hey, I want to be a part of this if you ever want to do it again." 

That's when he had the idea: "What if this was a global event, where photographers did this all over the world?" Nine months later, he put the idea on his blog and social media. Word spread fast. On December 12, 2009, 3,400 photographers and 5,000 volunteers responded and gave away 41,000 portraits in 543 locations and 42 countries around the world. Since then, the numbers are now approaching 100,000 people that have given away nearly half a million portraits in over 70 countries and every U.S. state.

But it's not the numbers that count. It's the stories. 

We’ve seen elderly women have their hair and makeup done for the first time in their lives.
We’ve seen grown men have their first-EVER picture taken outside of their jail mugshot.
We’ve restored family photos after natural disasters.
We’ve had children see their own faces for the first time.
We’ve seen tears after people realize that they can maybe get a new job with their new headshot.
We’ve heard photographers say it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever done with their cameras.
We’ve seen photography competitors become photography community after serving together. 

Help-Portrait was a crazy simple idea that has now reached around the world.

...and is continuing to reach around the world. We would love for all of you to get involved. Our annual event is always on the first Saturday of every December. So mark your calendars now and get involved at


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