The Camera Money Workshop

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The Camera Money Workshop


The Camera Money Workshop is an hour-long class by Celebrity Photographer Jeremy Cowart. In this video, he teaches his own personal business workflow for shooting portraits. This is NOT a creative class but a business one. Jeremy covers the entire workflow including: Pricing, How to use Acuity Scheduling Software, how it implements into squarespace websites, shooting tethered and why, file naming and organization, file delivery, email templates, Capture One Pro file workflow, iCal calendar syncing and so much more. Be ready to take a ton of notes!

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• How to math out the money you need to make and thus the price you need to charge
• The scheduling software Jeremy uses and how he uses it
• File-naming and organization
• How it implements into squarespace websites (and why Squarespace is Jeremy’s preferred web company)
• How it connects and syncs with iCloud iCal calendars
• Jeremy’s quick editing flow in Capture One Pro (same process can be used in Lightroom)
• Shooting tethered to laptop and why it’s the best choice for this process
• Dropbox usage and synchronization
• The email templates Jeremy sends for quick delivery
• Backing up your work and Jeremy’s process for archiving his work

• Please note: This workshop is NOT creative.
No lighting, color editing, photoshop or basically anything creative will be taught.
This is strictly a workflow class to get you money as efficiently as possible.