Jeremy is a freakin’ GENIUS. These are... insane. Amazing. Surreal. Ethereal. Brilliant. I can’t come up with the words to fully describe his work.
— Meghan Swanson
I road my motorcycle 1,000 miles for the 15-minute session and would do it again without hesitation.
— Ken Carl
One of the most introspective and cathartic experiences I’ve ever been surprised by. I anticipated nerves because I come from the preference of standing in front of a firing squad over the camera. What I did not anticipate was seeing myself in a proverbial different light while he utilized his command of light. The process was refreshingly relaxed and Jeremy was engaging and showed authentic interest in who I am and why I was there. Seeing yourself as someone else sees you, even just for a moment, is revitalizing. The pictures are beautiful and by the end of your time you feel like you actually belong in them.
— Katie Beth Gill
Having the experience of working with a photographer that has positively impacted my life over the years was a surreal moment in my life. This session represents all the challenges life has thrown at me over the years and refocusing my attention to the positive aspects of my life.
— Jared Hernandez
Jeremy is the ultimate creative professional. He’s experimental and decisive. He’s innovative and relatable. He works quickly yet in a very conversational way. In the portrait session, he made me feel like I mattered without wasting any time. He’s that friend who knows where he’s going, yet makes the people around him feel like they’re a significant part of the journey.
— Rob Vischer
Not many people have the opportunity to have a portrait done by a world-class photographer like Jeremy Cowart. I love that he has opened up his lens to the public with a 15-minute shoot. It turns out, that’s all you need! My experience with the shoot was exactly what I was hoping for: original, effortless, and the results were stunning.
— Lucas Acosta