Through the Viewfinder

See exactly what Jeremy sees, right through the viewfinder! Join on a modeling shoot as Jeremy explains what he is looking for in composition and exposure. Learn how he makes the most out of a limited location. Topics include: working with challenging locations, shooting with rule of thirds, using high-speed sync flash, dragging the shutter, compressing the image with focal length. Duration: 10 minutes. Filmed in 2016.

Artist Management

Intermediate to Advanced: Explore all aspects of artist representation. We'll define some of the most common roles and help you determine when each of them may become necessary as you grow your photography business. Topics include: Knowing when to seek management, letting your business manager take control, letting your manager talk finances, choosing where your money goes. (Filmed in 2016)


Natural Light with Minimal Gear

Lifestyle photography shoot with instructions on posing and composition using minimal gear. Topics include: selecting models, shooting around town, playful portraits, outside elements as backgrounds, location permissions, using reflectors