The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.
— Felix Mendelssohn

Embrace Series

What is it?
Photographer/Artist Jeremy Cowart is opening up his photo/art studio for a one-day only (for now) and doing an experiment where he photographs 2 people embracing. This could be you and your friend, a spouse, a partner, your child, your parent, whoever you want. But ONLY 2 people total will be photographed together.

How long will it take?
These sessions will be super quick… 5-10 minutes max, most likely. You’ll be done whenever Jeremy feels like he has a useable image.

Why? How will my image be used?
These images will be used in Jeremy’s personal fine art work as an initial layer for his painting/illustration work. In the end, you’ll never recognize yourself. Jeremy’s style and process is very abstract. (See his latest Instagram posts for references of his artwork.)

What do I wear?
Jeremy is leaving that up to you. The more weird or unusual, the better. Super plain and simple always works too.
This process is all about art so feel free to express yourself however you want.

How much does it cost?
Nothing, it’s free.

Do I get a copy of the image?
Jeremy will upload a folder from the day and add at least one portrait of each pairing. You might only receive 1 picture though. Please don’t expect any more than that. Hopefully you’ll also enjoy meeting Jeremy, seeing his studio and being a part of his creative process.

Where do I go for the portrait session?

All embrace sessions take place in Jeremy's studio in Franklin, Tennessee.
You’ll get specific directions once you book your session.

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